Spanish Language Teaching Methodology 1

Spanish Language Teaching Methodology 1

Lectures: 45

Seminars: 30

Tutorials: 15

ECTS credit: 8

Lecturer(s): izr. prof. dr. Šifrar Kalan Marjana

Introduction to Spanish teaching methodology
The role, principles and contents of Spanish didactics. Basic terminology in Spanish and Slovene. The historical background and state of art of foreign language teaching and Spanish teaching. The Common European Frame of Reference for Languages. Communicative competences. CEFR Language levels (A1-C2).

The basic principles of foreign language learning and tea-ching with emphasis on Spanish
Learner-centered classes. The autonomy of learning. Learning and acquisition. L1 and L2 differences. Commu-nicative approach.

Teacher and learner of Spanish
The role and competences of a foreign language teacher. Lifelong education of Spanish teachers. Good and auto-nomous learner. Variables which influence learning and learner.

Elements of language teaching
Teaching/learning of grammar and vocabulary; acquiring and developing reading and listening comprehension, speaking and writing communication. Elaboration of excercices of different typology.

Learning process and phases
Methods and techniques of teaching, the learning envi-ronment.

Learning means, ICT and material
Learning material, analysis and selection of Spanish text books and workbooks, the use of internet and computer for teaching Spanish, additional material.
Teaching culture and developing intercultural competen-ce.

Lesson planning
Elaboration of lesson plans, defining general and specific objectives.