Anthropology of Modern Slovenia

Anthropology of Modern Slovenia




ECTS credit:6

Lecturer(s): asist. Zavratnik Veronika, izr. prof. dr. Habinc Mateja, prof. dr. Muršič Rajko


The course defines opportunities and limits in research of contemporary ways of life and cultural practices. It discusses cultural change and dynamics, stereotypes and prejudices. It reveals notions of mass culture in Slovenian ethnology and basic traits in criticism of mass culture in the 20th century. A short history of particular characteristics of contemporary culture, material culture and technology and their effects (press, photograph, film, sound carriers, radio and television, Internet). Effects of the market and consumption. Examples from Slovenian popular culture: popular literature (science fiction), film, radio and television. History of popular music in Slovenia and former Yugoslavia. Analysis of selected examples in audio-visual production. Lifestyles, subcultures and scenes. Consumption and contemporary material culture. Overview of studies in contemporary life in Slovenia and the world. Ethnography of post-socialism. Encountering tradition and innovations – examples in revitalization of traditions; critique of the concepts of heritage. Public culture and culture of consumption.

Practical classes guide students into project work in real circumstances, especially into volunteering work in alternative cultural institutions, media, civil society, etc.