Contemporary Social Processes

Contemporary Social Processes

Study Cycle: 2




ECTS credit:6

Lecturer(s): doc. dr. Kovačič Gorazd


The course represents a complexity and contradictions within the contemporary processes from the specific sociological perspective. The emphasis is on the presentation of heterogeneous as well as contradictory social processes, which are articulated specifically and contingently, and which take effects, not corresponding to any logic of each of the processes. The course presents the historical arising of the objects of social research, especially how society as an research object has been produced, and how various social spheres, like economic, political and cultural, with their relative autonomy have emerged in certain historical moments as an effect of different processes and social agents’ practices. The course demonstrates an analytical power of concepts, as contradiction, overdetermination, inequality of social times, changed forms, structural articulation, determinance-dominant, through a newer historical matter.