Archaeological Methodology 2

Archaeological Methodology 2

Study Cycle: 1




ECTS credit:8

Lecturer(s): asist. dr. Gruškovnjak Luka, asist. dr. Vinazza Manca, doc. dr. Gaspari Andrej, doc. dr. Hornak Milan, doc. dr. Leskovar Tamara, doc. dr. Milavec Tina, doc. dr. Zanier Katharina, izr. prof. dr. Predovnik Katarina Katja, prof. dr. Novaković Predrag


The relationship between non-invasive and invasive archaeological fieldwork methods, the problem of spatial and archaeological site context in archaeological record, the issue of strategy and selection of procedures, theory of archaeological stratigraphy (elements, relations, interpretation), principles and procedures of documenting, organisation and logistics at the excavation site, work after the excavations, contextualization of the artefacts in archaeological stratigraphy.
Basics of the technology of artefacts making, materials (extraction, processing, final production), anatomy and morphology of the artefacts, classification procedures.